• New Tees, Stickers & Pricing

    We've added a new tee shirt to the series, this time it's from Ferris' Victorians collection. We've also made some stickers and adjusted pricing a bit.
  • Eric Bailey video on Thrasher.

    It's great to see the David Cook Panhandle board in the background of this Eric Bailey video posted on Thrasher's site.

  • New t-shirts coming soon!

    Ferris is putting the finishing touches on the next batch of tees, which should be available next week. This will be another very limited edition run, so make sure you keep an eye out, because the last batch went fast.

  • New store, new products.

    We changed up the store a bit to allow for multiple products to be listed and will soon have Panhandle t-shirts available for purchase. We're also on the lookout for some footage from Rory that he's promised any day now.

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