About Panhandle

The Plan

Limited edition artist series skateboards.
Artists have 100% control over each design, from the board shape to the logo.
All non-production proceeds will be passed directly to the artist.

The Story

Panhandle Skateboards came about in 2008 when two gentlemen skateboarders drank enough at a bar to think starting a skateboard company was a good idea. They both lived and worked in San Francisco and skated a stretch of Western Addition called the Panhandle. The Panhandle neighborhood has always been an awesome destination for skateboarding and so it seemed like a good name for a skateboard company. Both gentlemen wanted to create a skateboard company where they could use the artwork of some of their talented friends and colleagues.

The Riders

David Franklin, San Francisco CA



David Franklin is a skater that is not only a total ripper, but is also a classically handsome gentleman. He has been known to aid & nurture feral mice, cats, and women in distress. Dave is an outstanding ambassador in the world of skateboarding, and he can be found on fairly regular basis getting retarded on his shred sled.


Rory Sheridan, Washington DC



Rory Patrick Sheridan is a skater that can heelflip your face off while you're trying to catch up on your beauty sleep. After several years of skating in San Francisco, Rory has moved back to Washington D.C. where he can be seen to this day shredding it and pounding booze while singing Guns & Roses tunes in perfect pitch falsetto.

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